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Teleconferencing FAQs


1. Who can use the Oxford University teleconferencing service?

Anyone with a university extension can host a teleconference on the Oxford University teleconferencing service. Anyone can join a teleconference, whether inside or outside the university.

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2. How do I get an account?

Fill in the account request and we will set you up with an account. There are no extra call charges apart from the usual call charges, so as long as you have a university extension, you may have an account on the teleconference service. Click for the account request form..

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3. How much does the Oxford University teleconferencing service cost?

There is no extra charge for the Oxford University teleconferencing service apart from the call charges. All participants in the teleconference call into the teleconference.

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4. Aren't there other teleconferencing solutions?

Yes, but these will usually charge extra above and beyond the call charges. The advantage of this service is all users of the service will pay the usual call charges that they pay for any calls made from a university extension. So an audio conference between callers on University extensions will be completely free.

This service does not prevent other departments and units using other services.

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5. What do I need to run a teleconference?

You will need a telephone.

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6. What is the difference between an on-demand and a scheduled teleconference?

A scheduled teleconference is booked for a point in the future, and the resources for that teleconference are assured. An on-demand teleconference is run as and when required, but if a lot of people are using the service at that time, the service may be oversubscribed.

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7. How many participants can be in a teleconference at once?

30 participants can use the on-demand service at once and 30 can use the scheduled service. If you want to ensure that there are sufficient resources for your teleconference, book a scheduled teleconference. When you book the teleconference the service will reserve the resources. If there is a lot of demand for teleconferences Telecoms may increase the resources available.

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8. Can the teleconference be recorded?

A scheduled teleconference can be recorded. Tick the box when setting it up to record the teleconference. All recordings are kept on the Telecoms' servers in Oxford University.

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9. What do I do if I have problems?

Either e-mail or call 88888.

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10. How is this different to WebEx?

This service is different to WebEx because it is an audio only service. WebEx is a web conferencing service with includes the ability to use video and screen sharing. The Oxford University teleconferencing service can be used with WebEx as shown in the next topic.

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11. Can I use this service with WebEx?

Yes. Set up the teleconference first, and then when setting up a WebEx, change the audio conference type to be Other teleconference service.

Figure images/teleconfwebex.jpg [Teleconferencing with WebEx.]

Then enter the phone number and pin and then these details will be included in the invitation email. The only difference while in the WebEx will be that the video will not follow the active speaker, as WebEx will not know this information.

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12. Can we call participants so they do not have to pay for the call?

No, at this point in time outbound conferences are not a service we offer. If this is something that you require, please contact us to let us know.

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