4. Links

4.1. General Overview

  1. University of Oxford Video conferencing service based at the Media Production Unit, 5 Worcester Street. Tel 01865 289980
  2. http://www.ja.net/services/video/vtas/ An extensive site published by the Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS) (a support service provided by the JANET) that includes an introduction to videoconferencing, and many important resources relating to Higher Education.
  3. http://www.ja.net/services/video/jvcs/ JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVCS). An extensive introduction to videoconferencing that covers a wealth of pertinent subjects.

4.2. Guides

  1. http://www.ja.net/services/video/vtas/productevaluations/index.html Evaluations of ISDN/IP videoconferencing products performed by Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS) advisors.

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