Videoconferencing options at Oxford

For audio and video conferencing there is a range of options from simple low-cost desktop solutions to more sophisticated facilities:
  1. Skype - This is often the simplest and cheapest solution for a small event. A simple headset mic for input with a laptop hooked up to a projector and speakers for output.
  2. For a conference consider a pre-recorded video by a speaker who cann't attend, perhaps in combination with Skype for the Q&A session
  3. WebEX - a more feature-rich version of Skype for which the University has a support service. It works very well for live web conferences with multiple participants. WebEX works through a browser and has an automatic booking scheduler that emails a URL to all participants. WebEx can allow all participants to share a presentation, a chat window and even to see a remote computer's desktop. Licence costs £300 pa for one account. Someone in your department may already have an account.
  4. Videoconferencing at the University's Media Production Unit (MPU) - room hire, technical setup and tests are handled for you and it is very high quality, but there is a charge and you would need to host the event at the MPU facilities.
    Media Production Unit (MPU)

Read on for lots more information about videoconferencing.

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