4. When compromise is a dirty word

We all rely on the University backbone network to provide a fast and robust way to access our email and the Internet. You'll be pleased to hear that Oxford has a team specifically concerned with ensuring the security of the backbone network, OxCERT . The OxCERT team is based within the Networks and Telecommunications Group at OUCS and a large part of their work concerns the identification and tracing of compromised or potentially-compromised systems to make sure that any malicious activity does not impact on the network as a whole.

Whilst this team doesn't have much day to day contact with end users they liaise extensively with IT staff around the University dealing with security incidents as they happen and promoting best security practice. OxCERT staff have collaborated with other security experts to compile some guidelines on what to do when dealing with compromised Unix/Linux machines and Windows machines. Oxford IT Support Staff may be interested in the OxCERT Security Bulletins and the OxCERT monthly reports all of which are also available via RSS through the OxITEMS newsfeed service.

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