2. Support Information

Support is available from a variety of sources as follows.

  • A good starting point is the Sophos Documentation
  • Sophos maintain a searchable Knowledgebase
  • For product retirement details, refer to the Sophos Retirement Table
  • Sophos maintain a number of mailing lists as well as RSS feeds (see their website to subscribe)
  • IT Support Staff may add useful information to the IT Support Staff SIGMA pages on Sophos (access restricted to registered Oxford University ITSS)
  • Technical queries may be submitted directly to Sophos Technical Support
  • Queries, particularly relating to Oxford-specific Sophos services, such as the preconfigured clients, credentials, distribution etc. can be submitted to OUCS via the normal help channels (include ITSS in the subject for priority support.)

2.1. Current Sophos Product Advisories (updated automatically)

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