1. Browser Software

In order to view your web site you need to have a browser installed on your computer. OUCS recommends users to obtain the latest version of your favourite browser so that you see the web at its optimum. However, when building your web site, you should check your site using an older browser. This is necessary as older browsers can render your pages in unexpected ways. They do not support many standard features found on modern web sites and can lead to considerable problems in some cases.

Some of the most popular graphical browsers are:

  1. Internet Explorer 
  2. Mozilla (and Mozilla Firefox)
  3. Opera

All three are available for both Mac and PC platforms. If you require a browser for a Linux system, Opera is also available, and browsers based on Mozilla, such as Firefox, are popular choices. Other browsers that can be used on non-graphical systems include Lynx and W3M. .

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