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Guide to managing personal web pages at Oxford

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The Internet is often the first place to find out about a topic or place and a quick way to communicate with friends, colleagues and businesses. Building a personal web page is not as difficult as it might first seem. Many millions of people have built their own web sites, on all sorts of topics. In these pages we show how to begin the process and point you to some help sites on the web for further detailed information.

OUCS run a variety of Web development courses. These last from 1 hour lunchtime sessions to courses spread over several weeks. A list of our current courses can be found in the IT Learning Programme section of this site. Courses can be booked online. Early registration for courses is advised.

All web pages at Oxford, whether personal, departmental or college, should conform to the Rules for Oxford University Websites

If you require a user name for a University department, college, society or similar body, please read the Usernames for Colleges and Departments web pages.