3. Transferring Files to Your Web Space.

In order for your web site to be visible to the world, you need to publish it on a web server.

The default structure of your web space or file store has two directories:
  • public_html
  • cgi
The directory in your file store which corresponds to your URL, is called public_html and this is where the files you want to publish should go. The second directory (cgi) is used for safe perl programs (see safe CGI programs for more information). If you are using the GNU/Linux service and have just activated this for the first time you will already have links to your public_html and cgi folders. However, if your account was activated prior to Autumn 2008, you will need to use the command makeweblinks to set up local links to the standard public_html and cgi folders (the Secure File Transfer Client Guides section contains information about how to use the makeweblinks command in different programs).

The public_html folder is where your web site files should be stored. The home page of your web site should be called index.html and this should be placed in the public_html directory. If you do not have this file in your folder, the server will return a list of all the files in that directory. This is not desirable. Further directories can be made under the public_html folder to reflect your site structure.

The preferred method to transfer your HTML documents to the web server using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP/SCP). The older File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is currently allowed, but we encourage users to switch to using Secure File Transfer Protocol Clients instead.

Please see the Secure File Transfer Guide for full details and client guides on how to use SFTP to transfer your files to your web space.

In brief:

The first time that you want to access your web space you need to:

  • Activate your Linux Account (part of your SSO Oxford Account) by visiting https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/accman/shell and choose Activate Shell Account
  • Activate your Web Space by visiting https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/accman/web/ and choose Activate Web Space. You should be able to see your web space within 15 minutes of its activation.
  • You then need to follow the connection instructions below to access your linux account. Then:
    • If you are activating a brand new account links to your web folders will be created automatically.
    • If you are activating an older account, then you must use the makeweblinks command before you can see the folders (the Secure File Transfer Client Guides section contains information about how to use the makeweblinks command in different programs).
  • After links have been created navigate to your web space folder (public_html) by clicking on the folder name..

N.B. Only when you have activated both accounts is your web space fully accessible to you.

Each time you want to access your web space you will need to:

  1. Open your preferred SFTP program
  2. Fill in your connection details as follows:
    1. Host Name: linux.ox.ac.uk
    2. Port: 22
    3. Username: Your Oxford Account Username e.g.oucs1234
    4. Password: Your Oxford Account password
  3. You will now see your linux.ox.ac.uk account space. Inside this are your cgi and public_html folders. Click public_html to view your web site
  4. You can now transfer files to and from your web site using your SFTP client.

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