1. Accessing the Linux Service

  1. To access the Linux service using Cyberduck, click on the installed Cyberduck program icon. The following screen will open:
    default opening screen
    Figure 1. Opening Cyberduck Screen
  2. Click on the Open Connection button. This opens the connection screen.
    Open button
    Figure 2. Open Connection Button
    Connections screen
    Figure 3. Connection Configuration screen
  3. From the Protocol box select [SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)] from the dropdown list.
    Figure 4. Selecting the right protocol
  4. In the Server box type in linux.ox.ac.uk
  5. Enter your Username and Password into the appropriate boxes.
    Figure 5. Entering your Oxford Account information
  6. Click the Connect button
  7. You will now see your Linux account which contains one cgi folder. You can now transfer files to and from your Linux account.
    Default Linux account screen with shortcut to cgi bin
    Figure 6. Opened Linux Account

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