2. Using SSH Secure File Transfer Program

Once the installation of the program is complete you can open the program and begin to use it. To open the program either click on the program icon on your desktop or find the program in your file programs list ([Start] > [All Programs] > [SSH Secure Shell] > [Secure File Transfer Client ]) The interface is similar to other File Transfer Program (FTP) Clients.

Interface of SSH Secure File Transfer Client

2.1. Accessing your web space

To access your users' web space (filestore) you first need to make a secure connection to your GNU/Linux home folder:

  • Start the program
  • Click on the Quick Connect button. You will now see a Connect to Remote Host box.
    Connect to remote host box
    Add the following:
    1. Host Name: linux.ox.ac.uk
    2. Username: Your Oxford Account Username e.g.oucs1234
    3. Authentication Method: Select [Password]
  • Click the Connect button. A Password box will appear. Type in your Oxford Account Password here. Click the OK button.
  • The left-hand panel shows your local files (on your own computer), the right-hand panel shows the contents of your home folder on the GNU/Linux server.
    Screen shot of interface when connected to your

2.2. Creating shortcuts to your web space

Your web space can be reached by the cgi and public_html shortcuts found in your home folder. If you don't see them in the right-hand panel, you can create them as follows:

  • Click on the terminal button in the [main menu]
    terminal button location
  • A terminal screen will appear.
    Terminal screen
  • You will now see a new connection being established.
  • At the $ prompt sign type in makeweblinks and press <Enter> on your keyboard.
  • The terminal window will confirm that the links have been established.
  • Next type Exit and press <Enter> on your keyboard to close the connection. Click the red cross to shut the terminal window.
  • On returning to your SSH Client, you should now see two new shortcuts in your home folder; cgi and public_html. You will not need to repeat this process again them unless you delete them.
    Links established to web store files

2.3. Transfering Files to your web space

Once you are connected to home folder it is easy to drag and drop files from your computer into your web space:

  • Click on the public_html link to your home folder
  • You will now see your web space files and folders
  • Using the left hand panel, navigate to the files or folders you wish to transfer from your machine
  • Select your chosen files and drag them over to the appropriate folder in the right hand panel and release
  • The files and/or folders will now be transfered to your web space securely.

2.4. Make a Profile

For quick access to your home folder, you should make a Profile. Click on the Profiles button to open a Profiles dialogue box.

Type in OUCS Linux Service and click the Add to Profiles button. Next time that you need to log into your home folder, click on the Profiles button and select the [OUCS Linux Service] profile. Enter your Oxford Account password in the Password dialogue box and click OK. You will then be logged into your account.

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