3. What are the software dependencies?

WebAuth for IIS has two software dependencies.

3.1. Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package

The Visual C++ Redistributables are included in the installer (and can also be downloaded from Microsoft's downloads site).

Download the installer, unzip it into a temporary location and run the installer by double-clicking the setup.exe program. You should see the following dialog box:

Visual C++ Runtime Components

Click Install. Once the Visual C++ Redistributables package is installed the WebAuth-IIS installer will continue.

3.2. MIT Kerberos for Windows

If 'Kerberos for Windows' (KfW) has not been installed the following dialog box will be shown next:

Prompting for the Kerberos Installation

Click Yes and the installer will close. In its place a browser window will open showing the KfW download page. Browse to the latest version (v3.2.2 at the time of writing), download the KfW 'msi' installer file and run it. You should see the following dialog box:

KfW Installer Welcome Screen

Click Next and the following license agreement dialog box will be shown:

KfW License Agreement Screen

Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, and click Next, which will cause the next dialog box to be shown:

KfW Installation Type Screen

Select Typical when prompted. The following dialog box will then be displayed, indicating that the installer is ready to install:

KfW Ready To Install Screen

Click Install and the installer will perform the installation. When installation is complete the installer will show the Completion dialog box:

KfW Installer Complete Screen

Click Finish to return to the desktop.

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