4. How do I install WebAuth for IIS?

Double-click setup.exe, and the installer will show the following dialog:

Installer Welcome Screen

Click Next and the following dialog box will be shown:

Kerberos Configuration Screen

Most users will want to keep Overwrite krb5.ini ticked to accept the default OX.AC.UK Kerberos configuration. If you have a pre-existing Kerberos configuration that you want to keep you should untick Overwrite krb5.ini. Click Next. The following dialog box will then be shown, this time asking for the installation location:

Installation Folder Selection Screen

Click Next to accept the default location (unless you have reasons to change the default value to a custom location) and a dialog box will be shown asking you to agree to the terms of the software license:

License Confirmation Screen

After reading select I Agree, and Click Next. An informational dialog box will then be shown:

Installation Information Screen

Read the information, click Next, and you will be shown a dialog box informing you that the installer is ready, and asking you to confirm your intention to install the WebAuth-IIS software:

Installation Confirmation Screen

Click Next and the installer will perform some installation tasks, only pausing to request configuration information that it cannot find for itself. A 'Browse for Directory' dialog box will be shown requesting the location of the protected web application directory:

Protected Directory Screen

Navigate to the IIS web application directory that you intend to Webauth-protect, and click OK when you have done so. The installer will then request the location of your Kerberos keytab file with a 'Browse for File' dialog box:

Keytab Location Screen

Navigate to the location of your keytab file, select it, and click Open. You will then be shown the final 'Installation Complete' dialog box:

Installation Complete Screen

You should now be ready to configure IIS and test your installation.

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