5. How do I configure IIS after installation?

Open IIS Manager, find your website in the 'Web Sites' folder in the left-hand pane, right-click on it and select 'Properties'. You should see a dialog box resembling the following:

Web Site Properties Dialog

Select the ISAPI Filters tab, click Add..., enter a text name in the Filter name field (e.g. “SUWA”) and then click Browse... to find and select the 'SUWA_IIS6.dll' executable file that was installed in the installation folder that you specified during WebAuth-IIS installation (If you did not change the default location it should be in “C:\Program Files\Stanford\WebAuth-IIS\”).

Add Filter Properties Dialog

When both fields are set correctly click OK. You should then see the filter has been added but is not active:

Web Site Properties Dialog

Now click OK and reboot your Windows Server machine.

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