There are several different types of WebEx that you might wish to run in different circumstances.

WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx meeting center is designed for meetings as small as one-to-one meetings and interviews, to up to 200 people.
The attendees can dial into the meeting directly or be called back.
The presenter shares a presentation, an application or the whole desktop.
Each participant is identified when they speak and can chat to all the other participants or just some of them.
If the participants have a webcam, this is shown everybody else in the meeting.
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WebEx Training Center

WebEx Training Center has all the fuctionality of Meeting Center but is optimised for a training environment.
The speaker can set up break-out sessions where participants work together. They can all engage in question and answer sessions together.
The speaker can get feedback from the participants via testing, polls and surveys and can track attendance via registration.
All sessions can be recorded and made available for on-demand training.

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WebEx Support Center

WebEx Support Center allows a support technician to take control of a user's computer for troubleshooting purposes.
The technician can also show their own desktop to assist with training.

Files can be transferred between the systems.
Sessions can be recorded for training.

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