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The WebEx service is a cost-recovered service. There is a cost for the account (£300 pa + VAT) and there are costs relating to call charges. The cost for the account must be paid yearly in advance. The call charges will be charged to one phone number; any number can be used to host the WebEx meetings.

To avoid call charges, either use the WebEx VoIP option (call via computer) or call to and from an Oxford extension, ignoring the audio side of Webex.

To request an account, please use the account request form or email We will require payment details such as a general ledger code and acknowledgement from the telephone administrator that WebEx call charges can be charged to the number provided.

The WebEx account will last until July, when it may be renewed. It is not possible to allow accounts lasting for part of the year. An account that is set up part way through the year will be charged pro-rata.

We operate under a concurrent ports model. We have up to 11 ports available to you to use for meetings. If the university use more than 11 ports the WebEx meeting will be allowed to take place but we will be charged for ‘Overage’ on using extra ports and facilities. This equates to £3.44 + VAT per port (person) above the 11 limit, per 15 minute period. The university will pay the overage, if incurred, as part of our contract terms as it is a useful facility but this will be re-charged to the relevant user department to recover those additionally incurred costs. You will not be charged if your meeting is under 11 participants, regardless of any other meetings taking place at the same time. If you are organising a WebEx for 12 participants or more (including the host)please contact in good time to discuss. We will work with you and WebEx to achieve best value for your meeting. It is possible there could be a different one-off solution at an additional fixed cost that will be cheaper than using the overage facility. Please see the How much does it cost? section of the WebEx FAQ for more information.

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If you require further information in regards to webex email us at e-mail or telephone us on (2)88888.

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