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List of WebLearn Administration Sites and Local Coordinators

This list is updated nightly. Please let us know by email if you spot any inaccuracies.

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[ADMIN-122] Admin site for Worcester College Karen Wells
[ADMIN-121] Admin site for Environmental Research DTPVictoria Forth
David Pyle
Elizabeth Jeffers
Louise Sumner
[ADMIN-120] Safety OfficeAndrew Thompson
[ADMIN-119] Cyber Security CDTAndrew Martin
Yan Su
[ADMIN-118] Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU)Michael Lay
Jolyon Cox
Chreag Anderson
[ADMIN-117] Ashmolean MuseumAnjanesh Babu
Giovanna Vitelli
Jonathon Moffett
[ADMIN-116] NPEUAndy King
Stella Khenia
Andy King
[ADMIN-115] Hertford College AdminGreg Jennings
Garrith Blackhall
Thomas Yeomans
[ADMIN-114] Rothermere American Institute Admin Site Jane Rawson
[ADMIN-113] Purchasing DepartmentJo Kushin
Mark Bowen

If your unit is not listed above then your Head of Department or College will need to authorise somebody to become a 'Local WebLearn Coordinator' and complete the Request for an Administration Site form.

Once your unit has an Administration Site, it is worth consulting with colleagues and deciding on a mutually agreed structure for consistency, for example, information could be provided by year, by course, by year or by tutor: there are a number of options. OUCS is very happy to offer advice on good practice in this area.

For further information please contact the WebLearn Team