8. Development Plans

This is the latest list of implementation time scales; the tranches of work should be in production by the first week of the stated term (or vacation). We will do our best to meet these deadlines but it is often difficult to estimate the amount of work required before actually starting. In addition, some of these milestones are based on work being undertaken by other members of the Sakai community, obviously we cannot predict when their deadlines will slip!

  • January 2014 New version of Tests tool
  • Easter 2014 Improved Assignments tool
  • Summer 2014 New major version "WebLearn 10" incl. Reading list improvements, new Turnitin integration, new UI, Lesson Builder tool,
  • Summer 2014 Reading list improvements
  • 2014 Mobile Oxford integration with SES tool
  • 2015? Store ad-hoc groups in Oak Groups Store (& reuse in WebLearn, Nexus etc.). This has had to be rescheduled due to circumstances beyond our control. We are very sorry for the delay.

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