7. Graphical Resources

7.1. Embedding a Link to WebLearn

Copy the HTML below and paste onto your website to provide a link to the front page of WebLearn.

Link Code

This will display: Visit WebLearn

7.2. Service Logo

The Logo uses Minion Pro font for the word "WebLearn" and Foundry Sterling (Book) for the 'strap line' underneath.

7.2.1. Black and White Text

7.2.2. Coloured Text

7.2.3. Adobe Illustrator / In Design Originals

7.3. Icons (Pentagon)

7.3.1. Low Resolution Version

7.3.2. Medium Resolution Version

7.3.3. High Resolution Version

7.3.4. Annotated Version

7.3.5. ICO Version

7.3.6. Tiny Version

7.3.7. Adobe Illustrator / In Design Originals

7.4. WebLearn Guidance Version

7.5. WebLearn User Group Logo

7.6. WebLearn Star Version

7.7. Annotated WebLearn Pentagon

This image was originally designed by Cultivate Learning and they should be credited wherever it is used.

7.8. Mobile Oxford (Smartphone access)

7.9. Colours

Colour nameDisplayHex ValueRGBCMYKPantone
Green #005751 R=0 G=87 B=81 C=100 M=0 Y=61 K=68 330
Brown #592C35 R=89 G=44 B=53 C=30 M=82 Y=44 K=78 504
Olive #887B1B R=136 G=123 B=27 C=17 M=17 Y=97 K=52 620
Red #822433 R=130 G=36 B=51 C=0 M=100 Y=60 K=52 202
Mid blue #4B92DB R=75 G=146 B=219 C=63 M=36 Y=0 K=0 279

7.10. Front Page Top Banner

Banner found at the top of the very first page

7.11. Icon used within WebLearn

WebLearn uses the Creative Commons licenced 'Silk' icons. Before you ask, these are not available in any other sizes! On occasions, it may be useful to display these images on a WebLearn page, for example to give instructions on what buttons or links to click on, or to add a dash of colour to written instructions. As these images are stored in a public area they can be used in all contexts. They will never be removed from the system.

7.12. Advertising WebLearn

There area number of resources available for download and customisation allowing departments or colleges to advertise WebLearn in public areas. These are available in JPEG and PDF as well as INDD or PSP formats.

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