What to Bring

There is no requirement to bring any kind of IT device to the University. Most colleges and departments will provide some kind of open access computing facilities including printers. There is typically a modest charge for printing to cover costs of paper, toner, etc.

However, the majority of students (90+%) do bring a laptop. Most also bring a phone, usually a smartphone of some kind. There are no restrictions on what kind of device you should bring, what make, model, operating system or what software you should use. Individual departments may have recommendations and will let you know directly if this is the case.

You may find the Freshers Survey Report useful to see facts and figures on what previous year's freshers have brought with them. The report also shows divisional breakdowns. For example, freshers in MPLS (Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division) are more likely to use Unix/Linux systems which means that there should be good access to support, both formal and informal in that division. More unusual software or configurations are suppported on a best efforts basis.

Generally, students do not use their laptops to take notes in lectures and few lecture rooms have power available to seats. Lecture notes are typically available to print out either before or after the lecture, often via Weblearn. The majority of students live in the city centre, close to their place of study, reducing the need to carry round expensive devices.

You should bring any software CDs or licences, in case of hardware problems which may require a re-install, and warranty documents.

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