Solving Hardware Problems

Bring all your software CDs for faster re-install, especially

  • Any that came with the computer
  • Any unusual or specialised software, non-English versions, etc.

Under Warranty?

  • If you have a definite hardware failure on a computer which is under warranty, contact the equipment manufacturer. Their web site will usually have contact details.
  • Manufacturer may still be able to help, or recommend a local service agent if out of warranty.
  • The Apple Warranty Repairs Service is authorized by Apple Sales International to carry out warranty repairs on Apple Mac computers owned by the University or its members (staff, students and retired staff).

Computer Hardware Breakdown Service

  • For hardware faults on your computer, printer, iPod, external hard drives, scanners, etc.
  • On-site repair and a computer loan if fault cannot be fixed immediately
  • Forward date cover to when your manufacturer's guarantee runs out
  • Low-cost annual subscription
  • Discounted prices for new subscriptions and combined cover

Hardware Repair and Upgrade Services

  • Upgrades such as memory increases and larger hard disks
  • Repairs on computers not covered by the Computer Hardware Breakdown Service
  • Charged service

Data Recovery - Backup and Re-install

  • Computer Backup/Re-install Service can recover data from physically undamaged hard drives
  • Operating system re-install may be the only effective solution to a severe virus infection
  • Charged service
  • More complex cases, e.g. if a drive needs dismantling, may require a specialized data recovery company

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