Cartoon of insecure PC

We use the internet all the time, but unfortunately so do criminals: they're after your computer, your bandwidth, your money, and your identity. However, you can take some simple steps to reduce their chances of success.

Information Security is taken very seriously at Oxford University. Actions you can take range from the physical basics, such as securing a laptop with a small lock and locking your screen when you move away from your computer, to the more advanced measures that can be taken to protect email messages from prying eyes.

Never share your password with anyone. IT Services and your local IT support staff will never ask for your password.

It's especially important to protect mobile devices. They are small, easily lost, misplaced or stolen and generally store a host of account details, personal information and more.

If your Oxford SSO Account is hacked the chances are it will be blocked for security reasons - this means you might temporarily lose access to your email and other essential services until the issue can be resolved. This always happens at the worst possible time! Fortunately, you can take these simple steps to help protect yourself:

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