Public Computers and Open Networks

On public computers and open wireless networks there is a greater chance that criminals are recording everything you do.

  • If you have to use an internet cafe, library, or open computing room, only do simple activities that don't involve typing confidential information.

  • If you do have to do a financial or other confidential transaction, do not leave any information about yourself on the computer when you have finished by clearing the browser's History and/or Cache.

  • Consider changing your password (or other login details) when you get back to a computer that you trust.

  • Consider setting up a separate email account (e.g. on Google Mail or Yahoo) to use when you are travelling.

  • If you have to leave your computer for any length of time (even if it's in your office), make sure that the computer locks the screen when it activates the screen saver or goes to sleep. The screen can then only be unlocked when the username and/or password are entered.

Wifi at home

  • If you have a wireless network at home, make sure WPA security is enabled and use a strong password.
  • If you have control over your wireless network, consider allowing only designated computers to access it.

For more information about mobile device security, see the Information Security web pages and lunchtime courses.

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