Sharing Information and Files

Nexus Email
  • Can send to and receive from anyone with an email address
  • Can send and receive emails up to 100 MB in size
Nexus SharePoint
  • Can be used by anyone with an Oxford SSO Account
  • Aimed at collaborating on documents, but can be used for a wide variety of other uses - working on a research document, writing something that your tutor can see, keeping documents relating to your Club or Society, etc.
  • Allows multiple versons of documents and version control
  • 500 MB file size limit
  • For more information, see Introduction to SharePoint and the SharePoint Support site
  • WebLearn is Oxford University's virtual learning environment, to create and store materials to support teaching and learning activities
  • Access rights needed to contribute to one or more sites
  • 1 GB default site limit and a 60Mb file size limit
  • Must be set up by someone with an Oxford SSO Account
  • Once set up, can send to and receive from anyone approved by owner
  • Files can be up to 25 GB
  • Self-tidying: files are automatically pruned after a (user-selected) fixed period
  • Can send out notification when files have been uploaded/downloaded
  • Basic security (encrypted file transfer, server verification, and user access control) is included by default
Personal Web Space
  • Available to anyone with an Oxford SSO Account
  • 15 MB of personal web space
  • Develop your own website or use as an online storage area
  • To activate the web space, and later to check space and usage, visit Manage Web Space

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