Student Registration

All students are required to undertake the annual student registration process. This is necessary so that the University can obtain all the required information about each student and to confirm their new or continuing status as members of the University. This process is run by University Central Administration.

All new and continuing students on full or part-time Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research programmes need to register online. Please see the Student Gateway information and advisory service page for more details and links to the online annual registration system:

All students should register between 1st September and 12th October 2012. Ideally you should register before you arrive at or return to Oxford, and you must do so by the end of first week of term.

All students will be able to update their personal details and print enrolment certificates via the Student Gateway site throughout the year.

Students who encounter any technical problems after successfully logging in, or who are unable to complete the information required to register online, should contact the Student Gateway.

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