1. Before you Begin

If you are setting up a new domain, you need to decide on the following information before you start.

  • The name of your domain. This must be the same as the DNS subdomain name of your unit, e.g. oucs.ox.ac.uk (OUCS), bnc.ox.ac.uk (Brasenose) etc. As most units only have one DNS subdomain allocated, the decision is easy. However if you have multiple DNS names available to your unit, you need to decide which to use.
  • If you are using the central WINS servers, pick a NetBIOS name for your domain that won't clash with any existing names (including server and workstation names). This defaults to the first part of the full domain name, up to the first ".". For the above examples the NetBIOS names would be oucs and bnc. Where possible use this name, but sometimes it may already be in use. If it is, pick other names but include part of your unit name, e.g. oucs-ad, bnc-ad, as domain names can also clash with server or workstation names, or switch to using local WINS servers. If you don't use the central WINS servers you only need to worry about keeping names in use within your unit unique, giving more freedom as to choice of name.
  • The names and IP addresses of the servers that will run the DNS service. Generally these will be your domain controllers; it's preferable to have at least two if you can. Similar rules for server NetBIOS names apply as for domain names.
  • This method uses a non-default DNS configuration on your Windows servers. The instructions detail the steps to configure this; to understand how and why it is non-default, refer to the Background Information section towards the end of this document.

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