7. Configuring Clients

In this configuration you can configure clients that are members of the domain either to use the central DNS servers, or to use your Active Directory DNS servers. Additional tools that OUCS use for diagnosing security and configuration issues will only apply for clients using the central servers.

If using the central servers, make sure that firewalls are configured correctly as per the previous section or lookups routed through the central resolvers may fail.

In this configuration of DNS you cannot configure your clients to register their names and IP addresses automatically in DNS. Depending on the way in which applications resolve names, occasionally this can cause problems if the name of the system (as configured in the [System] control panel) and shown in Active Directory does not match the first part of the client's registered DNS name.

This is most likely to be a problem for software that expects to locate workstations by appending the DNS suffix to the name registered in Active Directory. Checking the operation with a machine where the name configured matches the name registered in DNS should reveal whether this is the problem.

The simplest solution to this issue is to make sure that the names match; if this is impossible other workarounds normally exist.

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