2. Known Issues

In this scenario, the central DNS servers retain control of the top level records in the subdomain (i.e. at the oucs.ox.ac.uk or bnc.ox.ac.uk level). Refer to the Background Information section towards the end of this document for full details of how this works. This configuration allows the majority of Active Directory services to be registered dynamically in the DNS by the servers that run them. However a few records for the domain are held by the central DNS servers in the Computing Services, which do not allow dynamic updates. In particular each domain controller will try to register an A record for the name of the domain (e.g. oucs.ox.ac.uk) to resolve to its own IP address. Since this level of the DNS is managed by the central servers, these records are not registered automatically and so do not exist by default.

In many cases this does not cause any problems. However, we are now aware of several situations where this does appear to break certain functionality. These are as follows.
  • Systems that are not joined to the domain fail to locate domain DFS namespaces via DNS.
  • Attempting to create a DFS namespace on a 2008 server in the domain may fail with an RPC error.
  • Joining Mac OS X 10.5 clients to a domain fails for versions prior to 10.5.3. This was resolved as of 10.5.3.

If you are affected by either of the DFS issues, or if you think you may have discovered other functionality that is broken by these missing records, please mail msad@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

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