8. Additional Points to Note

If the network connection between your unit and OUCS is unavailable then you may find that logging in becomes very slow, or experience other name resolution issues. This happens because although most Active Directory records are registered on your local DNS servers, which continue to be accessible, the host records that translate between names of servers and IP addresses are held on the OUCS DNS servers.

If this is a problem for your unit, you may be able to provide resilience by running a secondary name server for the ox.ac.uk zone and asking OUCS to arrange for zone transfers to be allowed to a designated server. You then need to make sure that your domain controllers are configured to look up requests for ox.ac.uk via this name server. You can do this by configuring your DNS servers to forward requests for information about ox.ac.uk to this secondary server (add an entry for ox.ac.uk in the Forwarders tab in the [Properties] of the server object in the DNS management tool, or on Windows 2008, by an entry in the Conditional Forwarders folder).

You may be able to configure one of your existing Windows DNS servers to act as this secondary server. To enquire about this service, email OUCS in the usual way. If you decide to use one of your Windows DNS servers to manage the secondary zone, use the DNS Manager to create a new zone of type [Secondary] and configure zone transfers as directed by OUCS.

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