1. Introduction

If you run Active Directory it is vital that the DNS configuration is correct as issues with DNS can lead to problems with replication between domain controllers or to workstations that have problems finding servers or services. As it is so important, we provide detailed information on how to configure DNS to support Active Directory in these pages.

If you're running Active Directory it's helpful to understand of the basics of how DNS works. If you need a starting point try the Wikipedia entry on Domain name system, particularly the section on How DNS works in theory.

If you're already familiar with the Active Directory naming and DNS within Oxford University and need to skip straight to the configuration pages, then you can access them via

NB these pages were revised in 2008. If you need the DNS configuration pages that existed before then, you need the recommended solution (Option 1) above.

If you want to know more about the differences between the two options, read on.

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