7. Additional Points to Note

In this configuration you need to pay particular attention to any services that need to be available externally, or from machines outside of your Active Directory domain(s). This most often applies to certain websites, such as Outlook Web Access, Sharepoint etc. where you want to allow users to access the sites directly when away from the office.

Any servers running these types of services must be registered in the central DNS in the usual way, and you may need to configure them slightly differently so that they are aware of and return their external identity when required.

For example, SharePoint Services 3.0 allows you to configure different zones, such as Intranet, Extranet etc., and to configure URLs for each as required. If you run SharePoint, you may need an Intranet zone with a URL (for example) of http://servername.ad-domain.local/ but also an Extranet zone with a URL of http://servername.unitname.ox.ac.uk/.

For Outlook Web Access you need to make sure that the server returns the public name of the server, not its internal name. Similar configuration requirements may be necessary for other services. It may be difficult or impossible to access some services. For example, DFS namespaces that use the domain name.

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