7. Archive

When Microsoft first introduced Active Directory, various interested departments and colleges within the University considered some of the implications, in particular its close integration with DNS services, and how best to implement the Active Directory within the complex University structure. The links below document the meetings in 2000 at which decisions were reached regarding integration of Active Directory with the existing DNS.

7.1. Minutes and Papers

Minutes of the first Windows 2000 Active Directory Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 26 April 2000 to discuss implementation of Windows 2000 Active Directory in Oxford
Minutes of the Network Advisory Group Meeting of 9 May 2000
At the NAG meeting on 9 May 2000, the full minutes of the meeting of 26 April 2000 (see above) were tabled, together with a summary highlighting the preferred model for implementing Active Directory as decided at the 26 April meeting.
Windows 2000 Active Directory in the University of Oxford
Background paper following on from the meeting of 26 April outlining possible models for implementing Active Directory in Oxford, together with their advantages and disadvantages, and including the implications for the DNS.
Second Windows 2000 Active Directory Meeting Notes
Brief notes regarding the second meeting held on Tuesday 13 June 2000

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