5. Further Information, Support and Training

For the most part support will be from the ITSS community or from knowledgebases, forums etc. A list of starting points is given below. The Computing Services will focus particularly on assisting with DNS related issues.

itss-discuss mailing list
A message to this mailing list will often provide some useful help
Members of the Oxford University IT Support Staff community can contribute to the ITSS Wiki. Various Windows and Active Directory information is included here, such as setting up a trust from Active Directory to the central Kerberos servers, or installing an external certificate for IIS.
Support from OUCS
If you need advice on DNS-related issues, email msad@oucs.ox.ac.uk.
Microsoft Support Site
Provides an interface for searching the knowledgebase.
Microsoft Technet
Includes the Technet Website aimed at IT professionals. The bulk of the server documentation lives here. Also includes Technet Plus, a subscription service which gives you full versions of many of the operating systems and common server products without time limits, as well as access to forums, some free support calls etc. It should be available at a discount; email the Shop to request details of how to purchase.
MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network)
Aimed at developers, it also operates the MSDN website, and similarly has various Subscription services available offering access to various resources. Again, email the Shop to request details of how to purchase at a discount.
Training Courses
From time to time ITS3 organise on-site training courses on Active Directory and on Windows Server.
Microsoft Events
Microsoft also organise various UK-based events, some of which are free of charge. Some of these run in Reading and are fairly easy to get to (train plus shuttle bus). Their main events page also includes on-line events such as webcasts.

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