3. Practical Sessions

The practicals are also available online. I think that they should more or less stand up on their own if you want to take them and work through them in your college/department. Ideally you will need three test PCs — two for Windows 2000 server and one running Windows 2000 Professional. The latter could be someone’s desktop PC running 2000 since in general it is used in a non-destructive manner to test the effects of Group Policy. You will have to work through the first day’s practicals before everything else will work since these cover the basic setup. The one thing that will have to be changed is the DNS setup which was very carefully set up in the Lecture Room and depended on correct DNS configuration on the front desk PC. Following the DNS practical blindly will not work. There are two main methods of getting around this.

  • Allow the Active Directory installation to install and configure DNS for you using a fictitious domain name (especially if you are testing out on an isolated network, i.e. not connected to your main LAN, or if you already have an Active Directory installation that uses your designated DNS domain name and want to set up a test environment.)
  • Set up the DNS using your designated domain DNS name and use this also as your Active Directory domain name. Follow the instructions from the OUCS Active Directory web pages about setting up the DNS. When you come to installing your production system you will obviously have to scrap the test one first if you do this.

NB there were some errors in the practical sessions and I have not yet checked through and corrected all of them. If you are trying these out yourselves, remember to substitute the correct name of your domain where appropriate.

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