First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Girl to Soldier on Leave


I love you---Titan lover, My own storm-days' Titan. Greater than the son of Zeus, I know whom I would choose.

Titan---my splendid rebel--- The old Prometheus Wanes like a ghost before your power--- His pangs were joys to yours.

Pallid days arid and wan Tied your soul fast. Babel cities' smoky tops Pressed upon your growth

Weary gyves. What were you But a word in the brain's ways, Or the sleep of Circe's swine? One gyve holds you yet.---

It held you hiddenly on the Somme Tied from my heart at home. O must it loosen now?---I wish You were bound with the old old gyves.

Love! you love me---your eyes Have looked through death at mine. You have tempted a grave too much. I let you---I repine.

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