First World War Poetry Digital Archive

A Tear Song


Out of the endless nave Chorus tremendous, While the gruff organ gave Sponses stupendous.

But of a surety Not one among them Said the psalms heartfully Of all that sung them,

Saving one chorister, Sweet as gay bugles when Robin the Forester Rallied his merry men.

Opened his little teeth Like the round daisy's. Smiled they for things beneath, Or Zion's praises?

He sang of friendly bees Not of the hills that skip, It was that morning's breeze Piped on his lip.

But his eyes jewelled were Of his own singing, God saw the sparkle there On his lids clinging.

God the boy's jewel took Into His casket, Flinging the anthem book On His waste-basket.

God for his glittering world Seeketh our tears. Prayers show as eyelids pearled. God hath no ears.

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