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Elegy In April And September (jabbered among the trees)

ELEGY IN APRIL AND SEPTEMBER by WILFRED OWEN (jabbered among the trees)

1 Hush, thrush! Hush, missel-thrush, I listen... I heard the flush of footsteps through loose leaves, And a low whistle by the water's brim.

Still! daffodil! Nay, hail me not so gaily,--- Your gay gold lily daunts me and deceives, Who follow gleams more golden and more slim.

Look, brook! O run and look, O run! The vain reeds shook?---Yet search till grey sea heaves, And I will stray among these fields for him.

Gaze, daisy! Stare through haze and glare, And mark the hazardous stars all dawns and eves, For my eye withers, and his star wanes dim.

2 Close, rose, and droop, heliotrope, And shudder, hope! The shattering winter blows. Drop, heliotrope, and close, rose...

Mourn, corn, and sigh, rye. Men garner you, but youth's head lies forlorn. Sigh, rye, and mourn, corn...

Brood, wood, and muse, yews, The ways gods use we have not understood. Muse, yews, and brood, wood ...

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