First World War Poetry Digital Archive

From My Diary, July 1914


Leaves Murmuring by myriads in the shimmering trees. Lives Wakening with wonder in the Pyrenees. Birds Cheerily chirping in the early day. Bards Singing of summer, scything through the hay. Bees Shaking the heavy dews from bloom and frond. Boys Bursting the surface of the ebony pond. Flashes Of swimmers carving through the sparkling cold. Fleshes Gleaming with wetness to the morning gold. A mead Bordered about with warbling waterbrooks. A maid Laughing the love-laugh with me; proud of looks. The heat Throbbing between the upland and the peak. Her heart Quivering with passion to my pr╠ęssed cheek. Braiding Of floating flames across the mountain brow. Brooding Of stillness; and a sighing of the bough. Stirs Of leaflets in the gloom; soft petal-showers; Stars Expanding with the starr'd nocturnal flowers.

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