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Men heard this roar of parleying starlings, saw, A thousand years ago even as now, Black rooks with white gulls following the plough So that the first are last until a caw Commands that last are first again,---a law Which was of old when one, like me, dreamed how A thousand years might dust lie on his brow Yet thus would birds do between hedge and shaw.

Time swims before me, making as a day A thousand years, while the broad ploughland oak Roars mill-like and men strike and bear the stroke Of war as ever, audacious or resigned, And God still sits aloft in the array That we have wrought him, stone-deaf and stone-blind.

Author Thomas, Edward (1878-1917)
Title February Afternoon
Item Date 1979
Repository name ProQuest
Copyright Copyright Edward Thomas, 1979, reproduced under licence from Faber and Faber Ltd.
Digital repository The First World War Poetry Digital Archive
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