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Old Mr. Philosopher Comes for Ben and Claire, An ugly man, a tall man, With bright-red hair.

The books that he's written No one can read. 'In fifty years they'll understand: Now there's no need.

'All that matters now Is getting the fun. Come along, Ben and Claire; Plenty to be done.'

Then old Philosopher, Wisest man alive, Plays at Lions and Tigers Down along the drive---

Gambolling fiercely Through bushes and grass, Making monstrous mouths, Braying like an ass,

Twisting buttercups In his orange hair, Hopping like a kangaroo, Growling like a bear.

Right up to tea-time They frolic there. 'My legs are wingle,' Says Ben to Claire.

Author Graves, Robert (1895-1985)
Title Mr. Philosopher
Item Date (1995, 1997, 1999)
Repository name ProQuest
Copyright The Robert Graves Copyright Trust
Digital repository The First World War Poetry Digital Archive
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