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Memorial to Willy Catterfeld Memorial to Willy Catterfeld Catterfeld, Willy 14th November 1914 Other
Postcards by Albert Tye Postcards by Albert Tye Tye, Albert/Worf, Edna March 1915 Postcard
WAR SERVICE CERTIFICATE WAR SERVICE CERTIFICATE Bennett, Joseph C. March 1915 - August 1916 Official document
Grandad's lie Grandad's lie Robinson, Herbert Unknown Memoir
Scilly Islands Scilly Islands Unknown March 1915 Other
SS Cairntorr SS Cairntorr Unknown March 1915 Other
SS Leersum SS Leersum Ellis, W. H. March 1915 Other
Cost of Assistance Cost of Assistance Unknown June 1915 Other
Postcards from Training Camps. Postcards from Training Camps. Lynn, Walter March - May 1915 Postcard