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The German Ward The German Ward Brittain, Vera (1893-1970) 1995 Poem
The Sisters Buried At Lemnos The Sisters Buried At Lemnos Brittain, Vera (1893-1970) 1995 Poem
To My Brother To My Brother Brittain, Vera (1893-1970) 1995 Poem
May Morning May Morning Brittain, Vera (1893-1970) 1995 Poem
Claire de Lune Claire de Lune Leighton, Roland (1895-1915)
Hédauville Hédauville Leighton, Roland (1895-1915)
Nachklang Nachklang Leighton, Roland (1895-1915)
Roundel (Vera speaks) Roundel (Vera speaks) Leighton, Roland (1895-1915)
Vilanelle Vilanelle Leighton, Roland (1895-1915)
The End The End Owen, Wilfred (1893-1918) Poem