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Jewellery box made by member of Royal Naval Division Jewellery box made by member of Royal Naval Division Royal Naval Division 1914 - 1915 Memorabilia
Aeroplane broach Aeroplane broach Unknown 1914 - 1918 Memorabilia
Trench Art Trench Art Roberts, Sid 1917 Memorabilia
Seaforth Highlanders overseas helmet Seaforth Highlanders overseas helmet Paice, J. H. 1918 Memorabilia
Paper knife souvenir Paper knife souvenir Unknown 1916 Memorabilia
Plate, commemorating Peace 1919 Plate, commemorating Peace 1919 Unknown 1919 Memorabilia
Military binoculars and case Military binoculars and case Scott, Robert 1914 - 1918 Memorabilia
Cup 'From War to Peace' Cup 'From War to Peace' Scott, Robert 1919 Memorabilia
Programme for a concert Programme for a concert Unknown June - July 1918 Memorabilia
German war money Bitterfield German war money Bitterfield Unknown 1917 Memorabilia