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Photographs of Frank Smith Photographs of Frank Smith Smith. Frank January 1915 - June 1918 Photograph
Poem Poem Ellis, A February 1915 Poem
Postcards by Albert Tye Postcards by Albert Tye Tye, Albert/Worf, Edna March 1915 Postcard
Patriotic and Religious Postcards Patriotic and Religious Postcards Unknown April 1915 - November 1918 Postcard
Certificate of Marriage Certificate of Marriage Parish of Kirkley, Suffolk/Bowtell, Richard; Blunderfield, Lillie May 20th September 1915 Official document
Picture Picture Payne, C/H.M. Transport Saturnia December 1915 Painting
Postcard from S. Q. Grimble Postcard from S. Q. Grimble Grimble, S.Q./Brown, G. 5th December 1915 Postcard
Poem Poem Barcock, Frederick George 19th December 1915 Poem
Poem and song Poem and song Barcock, Frederick George 1st January 1916 Multiple
Photograph of C.S.M. W. Bradford (46yrs) Photograph of C.S.M. W. Bradford (46yrs) Bradford, William Henry 1916 Photograph