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Photograph of Frank Brown Photograph of Frank Brown Brown, Frank Photograph
Photograph of Frank Blackburn Photograph of Frank Blackburn Blackburn, Frank January - December 1916 Photograph
Photograph of Chester Adams Photograph of Chester Adams Adams, Chester January - December 1917 Photograph
Photograph of C.S.M. W. Bradford (46yrs) Photograph of C.S.M. W. Bradford (46yrs) Bradford, William Henry 1916 Photograph
Photograph of AJ Bartlett Photograph of AJ Bartlett Bartlett, Andrew Jessie 1914 - 1918 Photograph
Photograph of 2nd Lt Willard Barber Photograph of 2nd Lt Willard Barber Barber, William November 1917 Photograph
Photograph including Frank Smith Photograph including Frank Smith Smith. Frank December 1914 Photograph
Patriotic and Religious Postcards Patriotic and Religious Postcards Unknown April 1915 - November 1918 Postcard
Panoramic photographs of Yser Panoramic photographs of Yser Bastien, Alfred October 1914 Painting
Painting of a bird (redstart) Painting of a bird (redstart) Powell, Clifford 25th February 1916 Painting