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The 16th Irish division
This website is devoted to information concerning the 16th Irish Division that fought on the Western Front during the Great War. A detailed introductory section places the regiment in the context of both the war and Irish history. The rest of the site contains a number of hyperlink sections, including the following: The Chronology of the 16th Irish Division; The 16th Irish Division Memorials at Guillemont in France, and Wytschaete in Belgium; National Volunteer recruitment areas to the Irish Brigade; The Forbidden Flag: The Uncrowned Harp; Operation Order for the Attack on Messines, …
United States Army Heritage online collections
This site is maintained by United States Army Heritage and Education Center. It provides free access to an online collection of photographs; archives and documents. These cover the full range of historical periods from earliest times to the current day, including coverage of battles, weapons, army life and duties. There are many oral history documents. Key conflicts covered include: the First World war; Second World war; Korean war; Vietnam War and Gulf War. Also provided are useful finding aids to conducting military history research using the printed and online collections of the Cen…
World War I document archive
This site, which is run by the Great War Primary Document Archive, contains a large archive of primary documents relating to the First World War and its immediate aftermath, compiled by members of the World War I Military History List. The documents are indexed under the subject headings of 'Conventions, Treaties, and Official Papers', 'Memorials, Personal Reminiscences' and 'Documents by Year', the latter category containing, in chronological order, those documents which do not fall under either of the other two. In addition, the site contains a large number of related secondary artic…
World War One: historical documents online
This site is maintained by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. It provides free access to a collection of digitised materials relating to American involvement in the First World War. These include over 300 unofficial online photographs of the combat, plus Liberty Loan posters, 1914 -1946 and 315 World War I posters from the U.S. Food Administration. Further guides and catalogues on researching US involvement in the archives.
Battle of the Somme : The Times newspaper presentation
A Times Online Archive special topic.
Passchendaele the movie : 'In Love, There Is Only One Rule... Don't Die!'
The offical website for the movie by Paul Gross.
US National Archives : Teaching With Documents : Photographs of the 369th Infantry and African Americans during World War I
A lesson plan with downloadable resources and a bibliography about the American 369th Infantry (the "Harlem Hellfighters"), an all-black regiment under the command of mostly white. From the website of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.