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Art of the First World War
The website gathers together around 110 paintings by 54 painters, from the collections of major history museums around Europe, as part of an exhibition to commemorate the end of the First World War. Created in 1998, the website provides a detailed introduction, a list of artists featured, and a list of partners involved in the exhibition. The exhibition itself is divided into categories such as War declared, the Age of artillery, the Battlefield, Suffering and Death. Each artwork featured is expandable and full details are provided.
BBC : history : World War One
The BBC website on the First World War consists of a number of essays by well-known historians about various aspects of the conflict. The site also contains articles about the key battles, soldier's recollections of the conflict, and multimedia features including a 'tour of the trenches'. The essays covers such topics as: the origins of the Great War; the Middle East during the war; the roles of British colonial countries such as India and Australia; the situation in Ireland; the war and the revolution in Russia; and the Versailles Peace Treaty. There is a reassessment of the competen…
Canadian war artists
Canadian war artists is a virtual exhibition of Canvas of War, an exhibition held of war art from official Canadian Art programmes of the First and Second World Wars. The site has links to the work of the artists, with quotes, the history of the war art programmes in Canada, and Canadian participation in both wars, and the development of WWI and WWII. There are also links to maps, artist biographies, the effect of the wars on Canadian art, and links to a list of the artists, and the Canadian War Museum.
Captured in colour : rare colour photographs from the First World War
'Captured in Colour' is an online exhibition from the Australian War Memorial museum. The website outlines some of the history of the development and popularisation of early colour photography (i.e.: autochromes), and contains many fine examples of the new colour photography as practised by Australia's official war photographers during the First World War. These Australian war photographers covered the Western Front, Palestine, and Gallipoli. The website also has a substantial illustrated section on 'The French autochromists' and their war photography covers the war from the Western Fr…
Documentary photography archive
This is the homepage of the Greater Manchester County Record Office's Documentary Photography Archive (DPA), which preserves historical photographic images of the region. The DPA contains three collections: the Archive of Family Photographs, with images taken from private albums from the 1840s to the 1950s; Contemporary Commissions, with DPA-commissioned collections from 1985 to 2000; and Deposited Archives from local photographic societies and professional photographic businesses. The site itself is divided into two main sections, the first of which provides an archival guide as wel…
Fatal salient: First World War Letters and Paintings by Harold Sandys Williamson
This site is maintained by the Imperial War Museum. It provides free access to a biography, selection of letter extracts and collection of online images of paintings and sketches from a First World war soldier Harold Sandys Williamson (1892-1978). They cover the period 1916-1918 and include images of soldiers in the Trenches.
First world
First World is an online multimedia history of the First World War, edited by enthusiast Michael Duffy. The material on the site is not peer-reviewed, and as such the Editor advises against using it for teaching purposes, however, the site is well-designed and attractive and would be of interest to students of the Great War. Work on the content of the site is ongoing, and already included are features and information on: battles; weaponry/gas; poets and prose; life in the trenches; the Christmas Truce; propaganda posters; and commanders. The site also provides footage (archive…
George Grantham Bain Collection
The George Grantham Bain Collection forms part of the prints and photographs division of the Library of Congress. It comprises several thousand digital images of photographs taken by America's earliest news agencies. The collection mainly covers the period 1990-1920s, although it includes photographs from the 1860s-1930s. All aspects of political and social life during this period are covered including: election campaigns, presidents, political marches and movements, the First World War, strikes, womens suffrage movements, immigration at Ellis Island and social events. The database may…
Great War : 1914-1918, The
'The Great War: 1914-1918' is a website published by Woodruff Library of Emory University. It provides free full-text access to 10 scarce poetry anthologies of war poetry from the First World War, volumes which never had a second edition. The poems can be searched and retrieved online by volume, title, author, or by a full-text keyword search. The website also contains 451 examples of First World War picture postcards and photographic postcards from around the world. There are also a few examples of embroidered postcards from the period. Postcards are provided as scanned images at mul…
Great War Archive
A project organised by the University of Oxford with funding from the the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). which is collecting materials about the First World War (1914-1918) held by the British public. These will include diaries, letters, manuscripts, photographs, oral histories, memorabilia and other ephemera from ex soldiers, service personnel and the homefront. The website provides information about the project. It is intended to provide access to many materials online at the end of 2008.