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American battle monuments commission
This is the website of the American Battle Monuments Commission. The Commission was set up to honour the accomplishments of the American Armed Forces where they have served since the First World War, including the Second World War and the Korean War. The site contains lists of all those who died in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. However, the main purpose of the Commission is to list memorials to American servicemen and provide information. There is a photograph of each memorial, information about the event or men it commemorates, and a description of any carvings, sculptures or text.
Australian bronze commemorative plaques
This site is part of a project to set up bronze plaques on the First World War's Western Front in France and Belgium in order to commemorate significant Australian military involvement. The editor, and funder, is Ross Bastiaan, who has also written the commemorative texts and cast the plaques himself. Clearly the work of an enthusiast, the site is also a rich archive of information about First World War campaigns in which Austrialians were involved. For example, the story of the Gallipoli campaign is recounted in some detail.The site contains photographs and maps, as well as infor…
Australian War Memorial
The Australian War Memorial is an ongoing project aiming to provide a memorial to wars in which Australians fought. The site includes information on the memorial; Australian military history; research and family history; biographical databases (produced from names and associated information based on records in the Australian War Memorial collections); and collection databases.
British War Memorial Project
The British War Memorial Project is a volunteer project which is creating an online archive of photographs and digital images of the wargraves and memorials of British servemen and women killed from 1914 to the present day. Its website includes information about the aims and progress of the project as well as a gallery of images of cemeteries, gravestones, monuments and memorials from around theb world. All conflicts are covered including: the First World war, Second World War, Korean war, Falklands War and Gulf War.
Commonwealth war graves commission
The website of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission describes what the commission is and does, and provides a searchable database of the details of those who gave their lives in the Great War and the Second World War. This online "Debt of Honour Register" provides personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth Forces who died in the First and Second World Wars. The Register is searchable by: Surname; Initial; War; Year of Death (range); Regiment; Force (such as Army, Merchant Navy); Nationality (including Australian, Canadian,…
DW Tyneside index page
The website presents a brief outline of the history of the Tyneside Scottish and the Tyneside Irish brigades (1914-18). These regiments were raised in the same manner that many areas around the country had raised 'Pals' battalions after Lord Kitchener's call for volunteers to join the British army in 1914 near the start of the First World War. Both Brigades suffered terrible losses during the Battle of the Somme (July 1916). The website design detracts from the usefulness of this excellent record. Initially the page splits into two (the Scottish and the Irish), also images are used fo…
Friends of war memorials : marine division
The Marine Division seeks to preserve and protect undersea memorials to those who died. Published on the site is a list of UK vessels which sank on the continental shelf around the British Isles while on military service during the two World Wars. The number lost and the approximate location of the wreck is given when known. Also included on the site is a U-boat register, and a summary of the 1986 Protection of Military Remains Act; campaign news; and a photo gallery.
History : veteran affairs Canada
This is the History page of the Veterans Affairs Canada website. Veterans Affairs Canada is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of Canadian veterans. This website provides information on programs and services for veterans, Canadian Forces members, and others that qualify. This includes the Canadian Virtual War Memorial which is a registry of the graves of more than one hundred and sixteen thousand Canadian war dead; access to the various books of remembrance; and records and collections.There are articles, photographs, extracts of original documents (diaries, letters, repo…
In memoriam
This website, part of the historic collections of Aberdeen University, is a searchable database of the biographies of staff and student of the University who were killed during the Great War of 1914-1918. Although the search facility is limited, the biographies themselves offer an insight into innumerable, and perhaps forgotten, personal histories. Material on the website is derived from two University publications, the 1922 Roll of Service, and the 1952 Roll of Remembrance, supplemented by information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Journal of the Australian war memorial
This is the website of the Journal of the Australian War Memorial - an occasional publication since 1996. The aim of the journal is to commemorate the experiences of Australians in war and to advance research in military history. The journal is peer reviewed and freely available online.The site contains information on conferences, publications, events and exhibitions, databases, and merchandise. However, the scholarly articles published in the journal are the main interest. Recent pieces cover the following subjects: Australian camouflage during WWII; military slang during WWI; volunta…