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Edmund Blunden
The Edmund Blunden website, set up by Blunden's family, aims to promote a better understanding of his poetry and prose amongst a modern audience. The site provides a short introduction to Blunden and his work, and gives access to a variety of items relating to his life including: news items concerning Blunden and World War I-related topics; short articles on Blunden's life by his family and others; selected poems; bibliographies; a biography; and selected images of Blunden himself. There is also a short section of links to related websites and a frequently asked questions page. The …
Edmund Blunden at war
The Edmund Blunden at War website aims to tell "the military story of Edmund Blunden during the First World War". The site, part of the World War One Poets on the Battlefield pages, gives a short history of the poet's military career, and also provides: recent photographs of relevant battle sites; short descriptions of the battles Blunden fought in; and pictures of related memorials. This site concentrates more on military history rather than Blunden's poems, but would be of interest to anyone studying the poet's life as background to his literary works.
War poets association, The
The War Poets Association website belongs to the UK-registered charity of the same name. The aim of the Association is to promote interest in poets whose subject is the experience of war, and also in the historical context of their lives and works. The charity does not confine its interest to one period or nationality, but as it states on the site: "the primary focus [is] on conflicts since 1914". The site gives short biographies of a number of poets (mainly from the First and Second World Wars) as well as: short introductions to major conflicts; news on publications and events rela…
World War One poets on the battlefield
The World War One Poets on the Battlefield Website looks at four British First World War poets: Edmund Blunden; Rupert Brooke; Wilfred Owen; and Siegfried Sassoon. The content is based on four books published by Battleground Europe as part of their 'On the trail of the Poets of the Great War' series. For each poet there is a short biography, and a fairly detailed account of the military service they experienced. Other resources available on the site include: bibliographies; maps; critiques of poems; and photographic tours of the battlegrounds each man fought on. The site would be of in…
First World War Poets : Your Archives
A pointer towards collections in The National Archives of interest for study of the military service of some of the war poets.
Poetry Archive : Edmund Blunden
Recordings of the poet reading his own work.