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Edward Thomas fellowship
This Website provides information about the British poet and essayist Edward Thomas (1878-1917). The site provides a brief biography on Thomas's life and career as an acclaimed writer before he died in action at the Battle of Arras during the First World War. There are extracts posted here of Thomas's prose and poetry. Along with a good links list, there is a bibliography of Thomas's books which are currently in print and of publications about Thomas's work and his era. The site is run by the Edward Thomas Fellowship, which was instituted to increase knowledge and appreciation of t…
Faber poetry library
The Faber Poetry Library provides electronic access to Faber's most popular poets. The database includes the full-text of thousands of works by fifty British, Irish and post-colonial poets, including: Simon Armitage, Douglas Dunn, T.S. Eliot, Lavinia Greenlaw, Thomas Gunn, Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, David Jones, Paul Muldoon, Tom Paulin, Katherine Pierpoint, Sylvia Plath, Stephen Spender, Edward Thomas, and Hugo Williams. Future versions will add further writers to this collection. For each writer, the full contents of the published volumes of their works are included, enabling one to …
Friends of the Dymock poets
The Friends of the Dymock Poets was founded in 1993 to 'foster an interest in the work of the Dymock poets' and to preserve and protect the area in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire where they worked in the period just before the First World War. The six members of this group are: Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, John Drinkwater, Robert Frost, Wilfrid Gibson and Edward Thomas. Each poet has an introduction on this site, taken from 'Once they lived in Gloucestershire: a Dymock poets anthology'. There is a page giving information about the Dymock Poets Archive & Study Centre at the …
Lost poets of the Great War
Lost poets of the Great War is a website devoted to poets killed in World War I. The poets commemorated are: Rupert Brooke; John McCrae; Wilfred Owen; Isaac Rosenberg; Alan Seeger; and Edward Thomas. For each poet, there is a short biography and a selection of poems. There are also poems by: Mary Henderson; Alice Meynell; Margaret Sackville; Edgell Rickwood; Ernest Hemingway; and Muriel Stuart. Other features include: a sound file of a letter from Wilfred Owen to Sir Osbert Sitwell in July 1918; responses of various poets to John McCrae's 'Flanders Fields'; and a discussion of Christia…
War poets
This is Professor Tim Kendall's blog about War Poetry, concentrating primarily on the prose and poetry of the First World War (1914-1918), but also the Second World War (1939-1945). Prof. Kendall is an expert on twentieth century British and Irish war poetry at the University of Exeter. His occasional posts are always insightful and focus in particular on his current research interests: American poet Robert Frost (1874-1963), and the poetry of Frost and Edward Thomas (1878-1917); and (with Philip Lancaster) Ivor Gurney's poems. As well as the author's opinions some of his posts can be …
War poets association, The
The War Poets Association website belongs to the UK-registered charity of the same name. The aim of the Association is to promote interest in poets whose subject is the experience of war, and also in the historical context of their lives and works. The charity does not confine its interest to one period or nationality, but as it states on the site: "the primary focus [is] on conflicts since 1914". The site gives short biographies of a number of poets (mainly from the First and Second World Wars) as well as: short introductions to major conflicts; news on publications and events rela…
First World War Poets : Your Archives
A pointer towards collections in The National Archives of interest for study of the military service of some of the war poets.
Roads from France
The Guardian (Nov 2008) 'Rereading: The poetry of Edward Thomas (Books : The Guardian) Rereading: He was a muse to other poets, an important part of the emerging modern movement and a pioneering ecological poet, so why is Edward Thomas still so undervalued, asks Edna Longley'.
War Poets Association : Edward Thomas
A biography written for the War Poets Society website.