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Australian Screen education collection:war clips
Australian Screen aims to provide information and free access to materials relating to the Australian film and television industry, from its earliest days to the present and Australian audiovisual heritage. Project partners include the Australian Government; Australian Film Commission and national Film and Sound Archive. It includes free access to several hundred online film clips Australian feature films, documentaries, TV programs, shorts, home movies, newsreels, advertisements, other historical footage, and sponsored films produced over the last 100 years, with curatorsÂ’ notes and o…
BBC : history : World War One
The BBC website on the First World War consists of a number of essays by well-known historians about various aspects of the conflict. The site also contains articles about the key battles, soldier's recollections of the conflict, and multimedia features including a 'tour of the trenches'. The essays covers such topics as: the origins of the Great War; the Middle East during the war; the roles of British colonial countries such as India and Australia; the situation in Ireland; the war and the revolution in Russia; and the Versailles Peace Treaty. There is a reassessment of the competen…
BUND : British universities newsreel database
This is the website of the British Universities Newsreel Database (BUND), a database of British newsreel production between 1910 and 1979. It contains 170,000 records from 21 newsreels and cinemagazines, 80,000 digitised newsreel production documents, and a wide range of information resources, including oral history recordings, film availability sources, and online articles. 40,000 records link to free low-resolution downloadable copies from the British Pathe website. From 1999-2003 the BUFVC received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB, now the AHRC) to digitise …
First world
First World is an online multimedia history of the First World War, edited by enthusiast Michael Duffy. The material on the site is not peer-reviewed, and as such the Editor advises against using it for teaching purposes, however, the site is well-designed and attractive and would be of interest to students of the Great War. Work on the content of the site is ongoing, and already included are features and information on: battles; weaponry/gas; poets and prose; life in the trenches; the Christmas Truce; propaganda posters; and commanders. The site also provides footage (archive…
IWM collections : film & video
This website is for the Film and Video Archive at the Imperial War Museum in London which holds some 120 million feet of film and 6,500 hours of video tape. The website enables users to search the film and video database online and to ask enquiries via "MyList". Collections are accessed via headings on the First and Second World Wars, contemporary collections and amateur films. Details are given of listings for the Imperial War Museum cinema in London and access services for commercial and non-commercial users. Details are also given of awards received by the Film and Video archive.
Remembering the horror of Verdun
BBC News film-clip (Nov 2008) : Robert Hall visits Verdun, in Eastern France, the site of the longest battle of World War One.
Tour of Fort Douaumont
Vintage Media
A web page from the First World website which contains archive recordings (audio and video) of politicians, royalty, commanders, battles, songs and speeches from the wartime era.